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book coversA collection of getaways on the back roads of Michigan. The Michigan map organizes the road trips, easy trails, three day getaways, quick and easy getaways and oddities by Michigan region. The Michigan Getaways page organizes Michigan the road trips, three day getaways, quick and easy getaways and oddities by type of getaway.  Trails & Treasures has more than three dozen trail ideas.  Michigan Back Roads is a Michigan vacation getaway guide organized by region. There are more getaways about Oddities & Rarities, historic sites, unique lodgings, natural wonders, Michigan Gift Shops, and Food & Fun in each region!  Use the map to find Michigan attractions, getaways and destinations in each region.  Keep the books in your bag or car for quick guides to hidden treasures.  Buy books at local gift shops. 


Michigan might be the most diverse state in the nation when it comes to the natural beauty it has to offer. Michigan getaways include lighthouses, waterfalls, sand dunes, unique historic destinations, lakes, Quick & Easy Getaways,  and out of the way day trips. You can take a drive of one hour to a wild flower sanctuary, unique shop or local museum. You can set out for a Michigan 3 Day Getaway, starting each day in unique beautiful lodgings while exploring the hidden and lesser known attractions in every region of Michigan.

Terrific Towns are the perfect destinations for your short Michigan day trip or 3 day Michigan getaway. Each town has pages showing the quality of life, shopping, food, side trips, festivals, nature areas, museums and other Michigan attractions. I have visited and photographed each of these towns to ensure accuracy and that you can find the kind of fun you want on your Michigan road trip or 3 day weekend getaway.

The Michigan Day Trips in each region are day trips to destinations and events that are often overlooked because they are in very small towns. This site is not intended to be all things about Michigan. It is a collection Michigan road trips to special places that are often overlooked.


The Michigan Getaways are here and on www.upnorthmichigan.com  are also selected for their historic value and for the authentic Michigan experiences they provide. On a Michigan overnight getaway we like to know where to stay, where to eat and what there is to see and do. Use the region map or the 3 Day Getaway section to explore Michigan getaway possibilities by region. The Michigan Attractions page has an easy to use list if you know what you are looking for.


Find lodging by town in the Lodging section or visit www.backroadslodging.com  for reviews of unique Michigan lodgings.


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