General Store - Dowling, Michigan

Dowling General Store Michigan


general storeAt the junction of M-37 and Dowling Road, the Dowling General Store is a "must visit".  The first thing you will notice is the fantastic aroma that fills the air.  This place is famous in these parts for the mouth-watering baked goods they offer up every day.  Donuts and cookies are the favorites.  I can tell you that a simple cinnamon donut here, fresh from the oven of course, is a taste delight to be savored.  The only problem is that you may eat them all on the way before you can get home.


Once you get over the first impact of the delicious smells you can enjoy the atmosphere, baked goods in glass cases, old, old hardwood floors, home-made ice cream and a couple of simple tables. You can linger for conversation and a game of checkers or just wander around and admire all of the antiques and artifacts from by gone days. There are great stories from the history of the store. Be sure to ask about Howard The Ghost.


Back in the day, the second floor served as a dance hall, among other things, and was a big hit on Saturday nights. The second story of the store has served various purposes but, some say it is never really empty. For many years there have been encounters with "Howard" the ghost. Some say he used to live up there and some say he never missed a chance to cut a rug at the Saturday night hoedowns. It doesn't matter which story you go with. People from all over keep running into Howard. Sometimes he is in the store and sometimes he is outside. Sometimes there is just the sound of someone dancing away late at night in the old dance hall upstairs.