Jamesport Brewing Co. - Ludington, MI.

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jamesport brewingTom Buchanan - A Biography - I’m often asked’ “Tom, how did you get this job?” and “Can I be your assistant?” by visitors to the Jamesport Brewing Company. Back in 1991, some of my friends and I started experimenting with home brewing our own beer. We were disappointed with the tasteless, uninteresting popular brand beers on the market. The developing craft brew industry gave me an introduction to some different styles and flavors that could be achieved with various malts and other ingredients and fueled a desire to produce some brews of my own creation. Friends and relatives were always willing to sample and critique the results so I had lots of input for improvement of my growing “hobby”.

Jamesport Center is a late Victorian six storefront complex. The earliest section was completed in 1890 and was occupied by the Red Andrews Saloon and the Central House Hotel. It was built by August Tiedemann, a noted local builder and architect, for two Swedish brothers, "Red" Andrew Johnson and Axel Johnson. It largely served sailors of the Great Lakes during the booming days of logging in Western Michigan.  In 1892 a second structure with decorative cast iron columns was added.  (Now, entrance to Sunset Bay Antiques.)  It served as the lobby of the Central House Hotel and provided a dining room, upstairs parlor rooms and additional bedrooms.