Community Outreach Center - Holly, Michigan

outreach centerHolly, Michigan residents welcome visitors and are also proud of the quality of life in the community. One example is an old high school building 111 college street.  It has been re-purposed as a Community Outreach Center known as The River.  Presently operated by an amazing group of local residents, activities include a Kids Club, which physically, mentally, and spiritially feeds youths each Saturday morning and connects their families to all sorts of other services.

Dedicated individuals operate the clothes closet which is set up like a department store with one huge difference at check ou; all items are free. There is a free one hour work out program from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. daily, for all ages, shapes, and skillsets.   If thats not enough imagine a food bank staffed by volunteers that distributes countless quantities of food to those in need.

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