Rentschler Farm Museum - Saline, Michigan

Rentschler's Farm - Saline, Michigan -


farm houseRentschler Farm Museum, 1265 E. Michigan Avenue, is  located on the east end of town on four acres of land purchased by the City of Saline in 1998, the Rentschler Farm Museum consists of a frame house and eleven outbuildings. The architecture of the house was borrowed from several styles, but is dominated by the Queen Anne fish scale accent in the gable and a wrap-around gingerbread porch, the latter having been restored in 2001 by the historical society. The outbuildings consist of a restored workshop, hog house, an original 19th c. shed, large equipment barn, henhouse, corncrib, upper and lower barns, a sheep barn, small equipment shed, an ice house and a windmill.


The Saline Area Historical Society developed the property with a focus on farm living between the years 1900-1950. This was the time of transition from horse to tractor, from kerosene to electricity, from an agriculture-based economy to a manufacturing economy. All of these are visible in the history of this farm, which we dedicate to all farm families of this area. Many of the artifacts that appear quaint today were actually innovative in their own time.


Tours: The Farm Museum is open May to early-December on Saturdays, after late September, only the farmhouse is open. 11:00-3:00 and by appointment. Call 734-944-0442.