War Dog Memorial - Milford, Michigan

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The War Dog Memorial is a cemetery that honors dogs that served in the military, law enforcement or rescue services. That description fails to evoke the emotions one feels when walking among the hundreds of grave markers of heroic K-9’s who gave all in war or rescue activities. The memorial cemetery started as a pet cemetery in the early 1900s.

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Military War Dogs have seen duty alongside our soldiers in battle after battle. They were known as Ambulance Dogs in WWI trained to find the wounded in No-Man’s land after attacks. In WWII dogs served as scouts, trackers, sentries and messengers. In later conflicts War Dogs saved lives detecting ambushes and booby traps. Thousands of these dogs served in Vietnam. Sadly, more than 4,000 were abandoned there when we pulled out of that country. Now known as Military Service Dogs, these brave animals continue to serve troops around the world and often serve in civilian capacities after military service.


The War Dog Memorial Cemetery is located south of Milford, Michigan at the corner of Milford Road and 11 Mile Road. Admission is free but donations do help with upkeep and maintenance.