Best Kept Secrets is a section based on my new book "Best Kept Secrets - Michigan Back Roads".  The book contains chapters scattered across Michigan.  These are new road trips based on remarkable finds that many people know nothing about.  The first printing is in local shops and is available to buy online here.   Some chapters are devoted to a single unique attraction like the Telephone Museum.  Some are day trips to a number of attractions like the Underground River.  Other chapters describe a day trip or getaway to a small town where there are attractions that are often overlooked.



Of Thought & Reason is the largest stretch canvas painting in America.  It is located in Big Rapids, Michigan.


bowling ball stump lakenenland

Lakenenland is an amazing sculpture park in the upper peninsula.


There are a number of other destinations and communities under consideration for this section and future printings.  Among others are: Alligator Sanctuary,

Beaver Is. Water Trail, Beaver Pond Trail, Bob & the Black Flies, Craig Lake,

Delirium Wilderness, Masonic Temple, River Rouge, Thumb Museums and the

White Birch Forest.


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