Bob the Turtle is an adventurer and companion out on the back roads of Michigan.  Bob has a regular post on Sunday at .  He is a regular on the Michigan Back Roads Podcast at


Bob the Turtle at the Fossil Ledges
cut river














 Curriculum Vitae

Date of Hatch - 2-20-2019 - Pisces Place of Hatch - Portland MI.

Species - Painted Turtle (State Reptile of Michigan)

Education - School of Hard Knocks Occupation - Performance Assistant - Michigan Back Roads Contributor to Michigan Back Roads Facebook Relationship Status - Single

Favorite Activity - exploring out of the way places in Michigan

Favorite Snack - Black Flies, except the wings

Favorite Recreation - Sunbathing on his log at the pond

Favorite Book - Animal Farm

Favorite Movie - Finding Nemo

Favorite Artist - Helga

Current Projects: Researching Great Lakes environmental disaster for Michael Carrier Cataloging waterfall conditions for Phil Stagg


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