Three Days in Port Sanilac, Michigan


lighthousePort Sanilac is a Michigan gem on the shore of Lake Huron. Steeped in the history of the Great Lakes and the Lumber Era, Port Sanilac is a thriving community today.  In the Sanilac Shores Underwater Preserve there are at least four shipwrecks to be explored. An amateur skin or scuba diver can easily view two of them. Some of the shipwrecks with more obstructions should only be viewed by more experienced divers.

For those that would rather stay dry, the Sanilac Shores area offers other such unique attractions as the Port Sanilac Lighthouse, Sanilac Petroglyphs (early American Indian stone carvings), and museums. 

Day 1 - Unique Shops - A full day visiting some very unique shops.  Country Settings - Lexington General Store - Farmhouse Antiques - Memories of Ireland - Oldest Hardware  Store in Michigan

Day 2 - Historic Attractions -  Octogan Barn - Port Sanilac Museum - Local Lighthouses - Grindstone City - Sanilac Petroglyphs Swinging Bridge Croswell

 Day 3 - A Taste of the Thumb - Ice Cream Cones in Grind Stone City - Blue Water Winery - Stone Lodge  - on the way to Grindstone City you can tour two wind farms with giant turbines.