Crystal Falls, Michigan

Crystal Falls - The Heart of Iron County Michigan -


crystal falls michiganWhen you arrive for your Crystal Falls, Michigan getaway, you wonder why you haven't been here before. There are stunning vistas all around and there is so much to see and do that you need a couple of days. Standing in front of the historic Crystal Falls courthouse and looking back toward town, the scenery is truly breathtaking.

The Harbour House Museum has undergone restoration and now serves as a treasure trove of local history. The first floor has been restored to a turn of the century appearance with a kitchen, dining room, parlor and library.

The library contains 100 years of The Diamond Drill, the local newspaper of yester year. There are great festivals here including the Bass Festival and the Humungus Fungus Festival. The arts community is thriving with a local center and a beautifully restored theatre.

crystal fallsWhere are the falls in Crystal Falls?. As you stand at the courthouse taking in the fantastic view, the river is just a few blocks away and it is obvious that that river has always been an integral part of life here. The river provides power, recreation and is the focal point of the Bass Festival. Yet search as you might, no falls called Crystal Falls is apparent. There were falls here back in the lumbering and mining days, here is an historic photograph.