Harrison, Michigan

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harrison michiganHarrison, Michigan was originally founded as a lumber town, with sawmills located on the shores of Budd Lake. One of the lumber companies donated the land which is now Wilson State Park. Harrison is the county seat of Clare County Michigan. The City of Harrison attracts thousands of visitors from all across the state, with its "twenty lakes in twenty minutes" and large amount of state land for recreational sports.

The biggest local events are the Clare County Fair and Frostbite Open Golf Tournament on Budd Lake. There are several historical building in the city of Harrison, Michigan. The Surrey House(currently vacant) is a relic of the lumber town days. The Clare County Newspaper building, located downtown, is the oldest building in Harrison, dating back to 1898.

Just outside of town is the site where Spikehorn once had his remarkable wildlife sanctuary.  Some of us still remember stopping to see the white tail deer and black bears on our way "up north" on Old 27.  The site is closed now but Harrison preserves the history through a book about Spikehorn available locally.

Situated on 36 wooded acres with a sandy beach on Budd Lake, Wilson State Park is located just a couple of blocks from downtown. The park was originally the site of the Wilson Brothers Sawmill and Company Store, which thrived in the late 1800s. The land was deeded to the City of Harrison in 1901 and in 1920 was turned over to the State of Michigan to be used as a state park. The park was officially dedicated in 1927. The beach and rental cottage at the park entrance were built by the Civilian Conservation Corps from 1939 to 1941.