Rose City, Michigan

Rose City, Michigan - Home of Artesian Wells


rose city michiganRose City, Michigan  is located on M-33 in northern Ogemaw County. The county is named after the Indian title “chief” which in Chippewa is pronounced: “Ogema.” The land was originally platted in 1840. The county was organized in 1875, when the first settlers arrived near Ogemaw Springs and set up a lumber mill.  Rose City, Michigan  began in 1875 when Allen S. Rose moved here from New York and built a general store.

Rose City, Michigan was once referred to as the "Home of Artesian Wells" because of the vast number of such wells that served as the main water supply.  You can still see fountains from these wells around town.  These days you could call Rose City the Home of Wineries due to the growth of that industry in town.


The town was originally named Churchill, until 1892 when the railroad came through and it was renamed Rose City, Michigan . It was incorporated into a city in 1905. This city has survived over the years as a result of tourism and its location to so many lakes and streams in the scenic surrounding area, including Houghton Creek, which runs through town.  In fact, within 15 miles of  Rose City, Michigan are some 75 lakes with public fishing and camping on many of them.

Due to the abundance of lakes, forests, trails and nature areas, Rose City and the outlying townships have become favorite desitinations for hunters and fishermen.