Getaways on the Back Roads of Michigan

The destinations on this site are divided into four basic sections.  Day Trips are usually there and back again in a day including some trails and scenic drives.  Getaways are generally trips that involve overnight travel; this section includes destinations from the book "3 Day Getaways".  The Towns section is dedicated to exploring unique towns that are often overlooked. The "Up North" Michigan section is a sister site where most nature areas, walking trails and waterfalls are found.

Use the Regional Map to look for destinations in the part of Michigan you are interested in.  Use the All Destinations page to find trips listed inl alphabetical order.

Michigan Back Roads Books

Each Michigan Back Roads book has unique content and subject matter.  Each covers the entire state with 1/3 of the chapters in southern Michigan, 1/3 in northern Michigan and 1/3 in the upper peninsula.
Road Trips is destinations to out of the way places where visitors will find something different and special in Michigan.
Trails & Treasures is a collection of easy walking trails.  No special equipment or skills are needed.  These trails are accessible to most everyone.  The "treasures" are nearby attractions.  It may be a museum, cool shop or a place to relax after the hike.
Oddities & Rarities has a collection of day trips where you will find something rare, one-of-a-kind, or unexplained.
Best Kept Secrets is just what the title says, unique and unusual destinations that even the locals sometimes don't know about.
3 Day Getaways is a collection of trips based in B&B's and Inns.  Visitors spend three days exploring one area.  Day 1 may be nature area, Day 2 historic destinations, Day 3 may be shops, or vineyards or whatever else is special to that region.
Quick & Easy Getaways was written for very busy people who only have one day off.  From any point in Michigan there will be day trips within 1 hour and 20 minutes.  The chapter describes everything to do in that locationa and then you only have an hour or so drive back home.

Up North Michigan - Defining "up north" is a challenge.  If you live in Coldwater, you may regard anything north of Clare as "up north".  If you live in Good Hart, you may regard the upper peninsula as "up north".  If you live on the Lake Michigan coast of the upper peninsula, you refer to the Lake Superior coast as "up north".  If you live in Ohio you probably regard anything north of U.S.12 as "up north".  Up North is as much a state of mind as a destination.  To those of us who grew up in Michigan, "up north" began north of Clare and in some cases north of Indian River. 100 years ago "up north" meant the Frontier, any place north of the Great Sauk Trail.