Crisp Point Lighthouse

crisp point lighthouseThe Crisp Point Lighthouse is the most remote functioning lighthouse in Michigan. The lighthouse is far up on the shore of Lake Superior about mid-way between Whitefish Point and the mouth of the Two-Hearted River. The lighthouse, a side trip to the mouth of the Two Hearted river and a picnic make for a great day trip to an incredibly beautiful spot. The quiet solitude at the light makes you want to linger for a picnic and the sunsets are breathtaking. You can climb the tower for a view across the lake. Take your binoculars up there, huge ships may be passing by. The Historical Society maintains an excellent information and gift shop.

The best way is to go north out of Newberry to Route H-37, to Pine Stump Junction. From there it is all rough gravel roads. The trip is slow and dusty but is well worth it. These roads take you through vast forests, past the mouth of the Two-Hearted river and finally to the lighthouse. Note: if travelling from Paradise and you rely on a GPS device, you can end up on roads that can be impassible or go nowhere.

The lighthouse tower stands 58 feet tall on a concrete foundation that is 10 feet deep. The  location of the original Fourth Order Fresnel lens is unknown.


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