Huron City Museums

seven gablesThe museum complex is located half way between Port Austin and Port Hope Michigan, on the “Tip of the Thumb”.  We had our start as a lumber town in 1854, with Langdon Hubbard being the town founder. His descendants are still keeping the history alive by caring for the buildings of his time.  Most of the 11 buildings on 10 acres were built after the 1881 fire that wiped out Huron City.  The 1881 fire ended Langdon Hubbard’s lumbering trade and burned down Huron City for the second time. Surveying the blackened ruins, Langdon said, “Well the ground is left. The fire cannot take away the soil. I will build again.”

Today, the General Store, Rooming House known as the Community Inn, Langdon's home, Seven Gables, the Church and a Log Cabin are still standing and are part of the tour. When the Life Saving Station was put up for sale, the Huron City Museums purchased the building and had it moved to it's present location to preserve this local history.


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