Off The Grid Getaway

We hear about getaways to remote destinations where the experience includes being off the grid. These trips can be far away, expensive and can involve real inconvenience for those who aren’t familiar with life in the wild. There is another way and it is close enough that anyone can experience the solitude and beauty of an off-grid getaway right here in Michigan. In many cases off the grid means you will be roughing it. Steep cliffs to climb, glaciers to negotiate, bug infested tropical rain forests and just plain general discomfort. I know, the challenges are supposed to be part of the experience, but there is an alternative, a Drummond Island Adventure with Captain Jennifer Starr. Describing these excursions Jen says, “Please come and visit me, let me show you some of the wonders of living off grid, on a beautiful island, rich with history, where nature abounds and lifts your soul!”

jens getaway

This Drummond Island property is 34 acres on Scammon Cove with the ruins of the old mill visible in the distance. Jen’s Den is a mix of rustic and industrial design. A pole barn, with living quarters above, provides modern off-grid accommodations. The grounds include acres of pristine forest and 1,000 feet of waterfront. The adventures are geared toward single travelers or couples, so you get a lot of personal attention. The facilities are not designed to accommodate large groups. The “Off the Grid” adventure has several components, each chosen to reveal the natural beauty and rich history of Drummond Island. Across a few days you will experience the island from land, sea and air.