Buchanan - "Life Is Better Here" - www.buchanan.mi.us 

Here you will find our own "Tin Shop Theatre" where our citizens take part in and direct plays; "Pears Mill" to see how our ancestors ground flour and see the waterwheel in action; and "The Common" where you are offered entertainment from bands, movies, and the Stop, Lunch & Listen program for children of elementary school age. We also have antique stores; restaurants; churches; fishing; baseball & softball for boys, girls & adults; great schools and so much more.


Buchanan rests in the heart of vineyard country, surrounded by natural beauty.  The St. Joseph River is here, so is Bear Cave, McCoy Creek and the Fen.  Not far away is a stand of virgin trees at Warren Wood and the Trillium Ravine.

There are festivals and events like the Thrill on the Hill, summer concerts, museums and art galleries.  All of these and more make a trip to Buchanan a great Michigan getaway.  50,000+ celebrated July 4th here last year, making this the biggest July 4th event in southern Michigan.

Buchanan and the Red Bud Trail Drive make for a fun Michigan Day Trip.