Copper Harbor

3 Days In Copper Harbor, Michigan

Copper Harbor, spend just a few days there, and you will have a whole new understanding of what topography means. There is a big lake and sunsets and historic places, but it is the topography that steals the show, and the season doesn't matter either. This is an outdoors paradise, winter, spring, summer, and fall. There are shops, outfitters, breweries and some really excellent places to eat, but they are there just so you can rest up and hit the outdoors again. Three days is hardly long enough. Fortunately there are great lodging options, so you can stay another three days. There isn't any other place like Copper Harbor.

copper harbor

Copper brought early explorers to this remote location. While there isn't much mining activity, there are both modern mines and even some prehistoric mines, available for exploration. Most people who travel to Copper Harbor these days are interested in the wilderness and the outdoor activities. The scenery is incredible, the air is clear and pure, trees and water beckon from every direction. The town itself is small with only a few shops, but places like the Old Country Store still offer a huge variety of souvenirs, ice cream, and fudge.
The harbor was the port for copper shipments and the lighthouse is still there. Now the harbor is the site of one of the best July 4 fireworks displays anywhere. In addition to that, the ferry takes visitors out to Isle Royale by way of the harbor. In the warm months the harbor is a favorite for kayakers. In the winter, snowmobile riders make use of the broad expanse of open ice. On almost any night, the Aurora Borealis may appear, painting the sky above the harbor, with scintillating curtains of light.
Day 1 - Around Town - Copper Harbor Overlook - Fort Wilkins
Day 2 - Natural Wonders - Hunters Point Trail - Estivant Pines - Raptor Migration
Day 3 - Unique Destinations - Brockway Mountain Dr. - Isle Royale - Eagle River Scenic Drive
Winter Fun - Copper Dog 150