Grosse Ile

Michigan road trip to Grosse Ile, Michigan.

No matter why you head to Grosse Ile for a fun getaway, eventually you will discover the unique history of this beautiful island. In 1776, William and Alexander Macomb signed an agreement with the Potawatomi Indians to take ownership of the island. They began establishing their homesteads almost immediately.  Today, the island is well developed with paved roads, shopping, dining and nature areas. The pace of life is slower on the island. Top speed is 35 mph with most places keeping it to 25 mph. That alone makes this a bicycle and pet friendly place.


There are discoveries to be made all around the island. There are eclectic shops to be enjoyed on Macomb Street. There are excellent museums including one that has extremely rare bicycles in pristine condition. Natural beauty abounds with lake and river views at every turn. There are protected green spaces scattered on the island, as well as, beautiful botanical gardens. 

Grosse Ile is located in the heart of the Detroit International Wildlife Refuge. Whether driving, hiking, or biking, here are some of gems that are all time favorites: Bird Sanctuary on Thorofare Canal, Gibralter Bay, East River Historical District, Macomb Street District, Westcroft Botanical Gardens, and more. There are miles of bike trails, nature trails, acres of open spaces and woods and those breath taking river views everywhere you go.

Maps & Directions can be found at the Grosse Ile Pet & Gift Center .