Port Huron

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At the source of the St. Clair River where it flows southward from Lake Huron, lies Port Huron, one of the oldest settlements in Michigan.  Fort St. Joseph was built here in 1686.  The Fort Gratiot Lighthouse was built in 1829 to replace an earlier lighthouse which was destroyed in a storm in 1828.  Port Huron is also one of three large Michigan cities that face sister Canadian cities across the international river boundry.


Daily life in Port Huron, as well as history, is intertwined with the Great Lakes and the St. Claire River.  Boat watching is a favorite pass time for locals and tourists alike. As many as 3 dozen great lakes ships use the river every day. These are big ships and the sight of a ship more than 1,000' feet long passing by a few yards away is a thrill that one never tires of.  Through the centuries, not all of the ships made it. The river hides several ship wrecks that can be reached by divers.

Day 1 - Around Town Tours  - Trolley Tour - Huron Lady Boat River Tour
Day 2 - Historical Museum - Waterfront Bluewater River Walk - Huron Lightship
Day 3 - Fort Gratiot Lighthouse - Ice Museum - Thomas Edison Depot Museum

All of this history and a few mysteries are preserved in the museums.  There are numerous venues with treasures as varied as a Thomas Edison movie theater or a pilot house from a Great Lakes freighter.