Curling Club Lewiston

Lewiston, Michigan

There are only a handful of curling facilities scattered across Michigan. The Lewiston Curling Club is an excellent, modern facility located just a block from downtown Lewiston.The interior is beautifully done. They offer two complete courts and all the equipment you need to enjoy the sport. The club does have regular hours and events. During the winter outside groups can rent the club. A typical two-hour rental includes full instruction, all equipment, and a fun curling session.

lewiston curling club

Curling stones used in competitions range from 38 to 44 pounds (17 to 20 kg). These stones are gray. The ones used for Olympic competitions have red or yellow handles. Curling stones used in competition weigh between 38 and 44 pounds. Olympic curling stones average 42 pounds. The stones are generally gray and are fitted with a handle on top. Players slide these heavy, polished granite stones along the ice towards a circular target called a 'house'.

Curling is a team sport. Each team throws eight stones during a turn. Two other curlers sweep the ice as the stone travels, so it goes further and straighter. The bottom side of the stone is concave so only a small portion of the stone is in contact with the ice. This configuration creates an air pocket. The ice on the court also has tiny air pockets. These combined air pockets are the reason the heavy stone can slide as far as 150 feet.

At this writing the granite for curling stones is quarried in only two places. Ailsa Craig is an island between Ireland and Scotland in a channel known as the Firth of Clyde. The other place is the Trefor Granite Quarry on the coast of Wales.

An afternoon at the Lewiston Curling Club is a fun Michigan Back Roads day trip.


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