Bob the Turtle

Bob the Turtle picking out the Halloween Pumpkin.

bob the turtle and pumpkins

Bob the Turtle - Curriculum Vitae

Date of Hatch - 2-20-2019 - Pisces
Place of Hatch - Portland MI.
Species - Painted Turtle (State Reptile of Michigan)

Education - School of Hard Knocks
Occupation - Performance Assistant - Michigan Back Roads
Contributor to Michigan Back Roads Facebook
Relationship Status - Single

Favorite Activity - exploring out of the way places in Michigan
Favorite Snack - Black Flies, except the wings
Favorite Recreation - Sunbathing on his log at the pond
Favorite Book - Animal Farm
Favorite Movie - Finding Nemo
Favorite Artist - Helga

bobBob the Turtle started out as nothing more than a wild idea.  Bob travels the back roads on adventure after adventure.  He is currently touring the coolest gift shops across Michigan and posting his finds on Facebook. His post usually appears on Sunday.  Bob the Turtle is involved in a number of "back roads" podcasts.  These podcasts run 3-5 minutes, just right for those times each day when you are sitting alone, contemplating what will come next.

The subject upcoming series of Bob the Turtle books will be about "things your kids don't know".  The books will be created for 4 to 8 year olds and will be both entertaining and educational.