IQ Hub - St. Johns

Michigan day trip to St. Johns. The “Iqhub”, is described as an agriculture activity center. It is certainly that, and it is a whole lot more. This is a really fun place for the kids. Within the 9,400 square feet of space are 24 museum-quality exhibits that depict agricultural history and practices in the Americas, from the time Europeans first arrived here, up to the present day. The “IQhub” is an educational adventure that teaches children and adults alike, the farm-to-fork connection of the foods we find in our markets.

grinder diarama

Everybody is going to have fun in this place, partly because it is hands on and partly because everybody who comes here will learn something new. Unique exhibits include a bone grinder, the Law of the Minimum demonstration, and a virtual tractor to play with. The bone grinder works. This simple machine was used to grind up animal bones to release the phosphates to be used as fertilizer. This might be the only working bone grinder on display in the state. The Law of the Minimum teaches the importance of nutrient balance when fertilizing your plants. The virtual tractor exhibit is easily the most popular in the center. You get to climb into the cockpit of a giant modern tractor and take it for a spin around the farm. Kids often have to wait, until their dads and uncles are finished playing, to get a turn on the tractor.


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