Keweenaw Wall

Laurium, Michigan

A short Michigan day trip near Calumet, Michigan, Near the historic town of Laurium, on the Keweenaw Peninsula, there is an enigmatic wall. It is in a deep ravine, is considered by some to be man made, and has been the subject of debate for generations.  The wall looks to be made of large, squared blocks of stone. The horizontal seams between blocks run very straight and the vertical are staggered giving the whole thing the appearance of a block wall with courses, just like you would see in a brick or concrete block wall. The whole thing seems to protrude from one side of the ravine as though it actually goes back into the side of the ravine.

keweenaw wall

This is a deep ravine. I would estimate it at roughly 60 feet in depth. The sides of the ravine are extremely steep. The wall in the ravine is partially broken. It protrudes out of the side of the ravine on one side. On the other side only parts of the wall remain, forming a sort of stairway that is a real help in climbing down and back up. The remnant of the wall that is still intact is at least 30 feet tall. There are fragments of the wall scattered about the small stream that runs through the bottom of the ravine.

In spite of the “stairs” formed by wall blocks on one side of the ravine, the way down is treacherous. It is steep and slippery. There are no railings, no ropes, and no cell service. In other words a trek into this ravine is no joke and, you will have to climb back up out without aid. It is probably a bad idea to go down into the ravine alone. One slip and it is a long fall down to the bottom.

The ravine and the wall are on private property. Vistors are allowed, PLEASE respect the site and leave nothing behind. The Keweenaw Wall is a fun Michigan side trip near Calumet, Michigan

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