Top of the Lake

Naubinway -

There are cities and towns all along the 1,632 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline. Some have become big, famous and crowded. Some, like Naubinway, at the “Top Of The Lake”, are doorways to a different time and way of life. Naubinway is as far north as you can get on Lake Michigan, and is the largest commercial fishing port on the Great Lakes, in the Upper Peninsula. This is also a gateway to the Hiawatha National Forest with its miles of trails, rivers, streams and numerous lakes. Then there are those beautiful uncrowded beaches, miles of them. The word Naubinway is an Indian word meaning “Places of Echoes”. I can understand that. The entire area is surrounded by silent forests and natural beauty.

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Getting there is easy. The main road is US HWY 2. The stretch of Highway 2 from St. Ignace to the east, and Thompsonville near Manistique to the west, is a designated Scenic Byway. You don't even need to use the road. The marina at Naubinway is ready to welcome visitors arriving by boat. A getaway to the Top Of The Lake involves exploring northern Lake Michigan from Epoufette to Gould City with, perhaps, a foray or two into the Hiawatha National Forest. Right in the middle of it all is Naubinway, and the Top Of The Lake Region. Visitors will find unique local attractions, gorgeous nature areas, festivals, and those unique “yooper” eats.


The entire Top Of The Lake area is a wonderland of natural beauty. Woodland roads beckon those on a color tour. There are miles of trails and clear clean lakes. One feature of this region, that surprises first time visitors, are the endless beaches. Some of the best sand beaches in Michigan can be found along the “top of the lake”.