Croswell, Michigan is just a bit off the beaten path and, therefore, often unexplored by the day trippers.  For those who seek the unusual, history and fun festivals, Croswell has plenty to offer. The downtown is sprinkled with charming shops and local eateries but, some really cool stuff is hidden just out of sight. History is all around. One of the oldest fairs in Michigan is held here, the Croswell-Lexington Bike Path provides a  pleasant, scenic ride of about 5 - 6 miles from Croswell to Lexington right on Lake Huron.  The Bicycle Path is a perfect ride through the county. You will leave Croswell near the swinging bridge and go past orchards, farms and a golf course on your way to Lexington where you can enjoy Lake Huron before your return trip back.

Railroad enthusiasts will find that the Huron and Eastern Railway Co. (HESR) and its "sister" operation, the Saginaw Valley Railway Co. (SGVY) have served the "Thumb Area" of Michigan since 1986, when their first section of track was acquired from CSX Transportation. This first segment ran from Bad Axe to the end of the line, including the town of Croswell.

The Swinging Bridge is a distinctive feature in the downtown area.

Another historical part of Croswell, Michigan is the Aitkin Memorial District Library, located on the north end of town. The library first opened in 1912 as the Croswell Free Library and Reading Room in two rooms above a barber shop.