Zeeland Michigan

Feel The Zeel

Zeeland Michigan street sceneThe Zeeland Historical Society diligently preserves the history, and the artifacts that illustrate that history, while Zeeland itself continues to evolve to meet the opportunities and challenges of modern life. Settlers from the Netherlands arrived in the mid 1800’s and established the community. The historical museum, housed in the 1876 Dekker Huis home, is right downtown. The hardships and triumphs of those settlers and their descendants are preserved in the exhibits inside the museum. The Historical Society also maintains the New Groningen Schoolhouse. The schoolhouse served as a rural school in the area in the late 1800’s.

Vic and Anna Van Deventer operate the Baert Baron Mansion, a significant Victorian Landmark of the 19th century, as a bed and breakfast. When you see it, you may just want to extend your visit to Zeeland for a couple days.

The museum and old schoolhouse aren’t the only attractions in and around Zeeland, after all, Lake Michigan is only about a twenty minute drive. Just outside of town is the Upper Macatawa Natural Area where the trails are favorites of bikers, hikers and runners. The forests and grasslands of the Upper Macatawa are home to diverse plant life and wildlife. The park includes an extensive wetland that attracts a wide range of birds. The bike path connects to the Fred Meijer Trail and thus to Kent County. Another favorite of locals and visitors is the Critter Barn where one can learn about and interact with a variety of farm animals. Young people can improve their skeet shooting at the Wobble Trap. It is found at Blendon Pines Gun Club. The Wobble is set up to launch clay pigeons along one line until your aim improves. When that happens, it will start launching them in different directions to test your new skill.