Lewiston Getaway


If you are looking for pure sparkling waters, pristine forest trails and pine scented wilderness air, Lewiston is just the hidden treasure you are seeking. Lewiston, Michigan is located in the northeast area of Lower Michigan in the southwest corner of Montmorency County. Less than a 30 minute drive east of I-75, Lewiston has been a favored destination for generations for those who have discovered the area. After the lumber era, around 1935 the town developed as a resort area and continues as such today.
Lewiston, Michigan is a nature lovers paradise. The town sits on the shore of East Twin Lake with more than 40 other lakes nearby. A short drive in any direction takes you into the forest, or Elk country or Kirtland's Warbler country. There are numerous hiking and skiing trails in the forest where the bald eagles live, plus the snow mobile trails are groomed for winter. The combination of natural beauty and small town hospitality is hard to resist. Our lodging partner, the Garland Resort, can provide directions and details.
Day 1 – On The Water – The Twin Lakes are right outside your door and provide lots of room for fishing, boating and other water sports. During a 5 day stay we fished on a different lake every day. We caught loads of fish on Sage Lake. A short drive away is the famous Fletcher Flooding. Also known as Fletcher Pond, this body of water has something for everyone except vast sandy beaches. It was created by the construction of a dam on one branch of the Thunder Bay River. A 9,000 acre shallow water paradise is the result. This is the perfect destination for bird watchers, fishermen and nature enthusiasts. This is a great spot for bird watchers, osprey abound here. There are more than 20 osprey nesting platforms. This is one of the largest populations of osprey east of the Mississippi River. The best way to observe them is from a boat with binoculars. There is nothing quite like seeing an osprey come exploding up out of the lake after it dives after a fish.
Day 2 – Kirtland's Warbler - Kirtland's Warbler, a member of the wood warbler family, nests in a few counties in Michigan, in Wisconsin, in Ontario and, at this date, nowhere else on the planet. In 1903, Norman A. Wood found the first Kirtland's Warbler nest in Oscoda County Michigan. It wasn't until 1996 that any nests were found more than 60 miles from this region. Just a few miles south of Lewiston is route F 32 that rolls through Kirtland's Warbler viewing areas. An alternative drive is the Jack Pine Auto Tour.
Day 3 – Elk Country - A half hour north is Atlanta, known as the Elk Capital. If you travel east out of Lewiston a few miles, a paved road leads north through the forest to Atlanta. Here are the largest areas of undeveloped land in the entire Lower Peninsula. There are choice trails for orv's and snow mobiles on hundreds of acres of state land. The hiking trails are well maintained allowing hours of nature hiking. Thre is an abundance of natural 'candy' like blueberries, morel mushrooms, raspberries and blackberries. That means this is wonderful habitat for a large variety of wildlife like elk, deer, black bear, bobcat, wild turkey, partridge, bald eagle, and pileated wood peckers just to name a few!