Huron Jewel Tall Ship
If you are looking for a getaway that is different, how about a day trip on a Great Lakes Schooner? The Huron Jewel is the first schooner to be built and launched on the Gret Lakes in more than fifty years. Historically, the “schooner” was a sailing ship with two or more masts, the foremast being smaller than the mainmast. These tall ships were ideal for work requiring speed, windward ability, and ease of handling. The Huron Jewel embodies all of these characteristics and, she is a Bed & Breakfast as well.

tall ship huron jewel

The salon will seat 10, there are two queen berths and 2 single births. There is full headroom below decks for someone 6' tall. A full kitchen and traditional ice box, which is easier to keep cold than a refrigerator, add to the comfort. The creators of this experience, and builders of the schooner, Hugh and Julie Covert, put it this way - Sailing the Dream on the Great Lakes - “Memories are made when you take part in life - take the wheel, hoist the sales, and ride the wind aboard the Schooner Huron Jewel.” The Huron Jewel, the fastest tall ship on the Great Lakes, can be found at Yacht Haven on Drummond Island.

The Huron Jewel is 78' feet overall and 60' feet on the deck. The boat has 12,000 pounds of ballast. Sailing is augmented by two, 100 horsepower diesel engines. The main boom is 40'; they employ traditional rigging with blocks and pulleys. As part of the experience passengers are allowed to raise and lower sails and steer the boat under supervision. Coast Guard regulations impose a limit of six passengers.

Video Huron Jewel Knot