Nahma Michigan

Nahma, Michigan is one of those hidden gems that the travel writers love to find.  On the shore of Lake Michigan in the upper peninsula, this is a beautiful quiet place where you are only a stranger when you first arrive.  After that you are a friend who is made welcome whether you are there for the bird watching, the Nahma Music Festival, or are planning to spend a couple days and enjoy the day trips.  When you leave, you will be refreshed and will take wonderful memories away with you.

nahma inn

There are three roads that lead into town and each is a scenic drive worth seeing.  The town is very small but offers an artists gallery, a golf course, fishing, parks and a hiking trail and the unique Nahma Inn.  Everyone who comes to Nahma eventually visits the inn where the people are friendly and the food is great.  The Nahma Inn offers lodging that is a step back in time.  All rooms is on the second floor which is reached by stairs.  The venue is from a simpler time with small clean rooms, some with private restrooms and some shared baths.  Guests gather in the dining room or tavern for conversation and to enjoy the impromptu musical performances that are liable to break out at any time.


Nahma Township is a sportsman's fantasy. The abundance of water, open public land and wildlife create a condition for fisherman, hunters, trappers, boaters, kayakers, off road riders, hikers and all outdoorsman where many sporting opportunities can be undertaken all in the same area.